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What Are The Psychological Tricks Casinos Use So You Spend More Money on Them – 2021 Guide

Have you ever thought about how is it gambling becomes addictive? There is no tobacco in it, then what is it that gets over your nerves and forces you to keep on playing? Why is it that the Government has to impose limitations on how much a player can play in a day?
Well, there is something even more dangerous than narcotics – it is your own mind. Your mind can make you do things that may seem impossible during normal circumstances and something like this occurs while playing in online casinos.

One of the core marketing strategies of any product or game is to get the nerves of the users and that is exactly what the online casino owners do. Owners of Online Casinos Singapore get your nerves and apply multiple proven psychological tricks to keep you playing the game.

Read the article to become aware of these tricks so that from next time you can know when you are being tricked and stop playing at that moment to actually gain some real money and minimize loss.

The Psychological Tricks Casinos Use

1. Isolating the Player from External Surroundings

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What is it that makes you aware of the environment outside? It could be the doors and windows – the sight you get through them, or it could be the clock. The fundamental cue of what time of the day it is or when to enter or leave the casino can be provided only by a clock. But casinos don’t have clocks. In the absence of a clock, you don’t know what time it is or when it is necessary for you to leave. So, you keep on playing till you have any money left. You become indulged in the game and no external cues can reach you to direct your actions. The staff around always look fresh and energized to give you the illusion that not much time has passed.

It will only be the money that will drive you and can even drive you crazy. So, next time if you are visiting a casino, make sure you carry your own watch and not rely on them. Also, now that you know about this trick, don’t forget to have a look at your watch before you decide to get drowned in the waves of addiction.

2. Taking the Player Very Close to Winning

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The masterminds who are actually behind developing these casino games are wittier than you can ever imagine. Every game, especially those through slot machines is designed in such a genius calculative way that every time you bet, you will be very close to winning.

This very close to winning achievement is a stimulus for the human mind to believe that the next time, a win is inevitable and in the quest of getting the best, the player keeps spinning. That is what adds to the profit of the casino. The player loses time and money yet has the adrenaline rush on them that forces their mind to believe that with one more spin, they can have a big win that will be revolutionary. So the next time, you are feeling butterflies in your stomach while spinning, let your conscious mind decide for once whether you are being tricked to keep on playing.

3. Attractive Interface

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This is another bold marketing strategy to trick the human mind. Bright sounds, lights, and an ambiance that will make you feel like you are in heaven are crucial features of any casino. The casino owners make sure that all your 5 senses are fully doped by the excellent charm and glitter of the casino and you cannot decide for anything else other than playing and winning. The casinos are indeed designed by the best designers who are experts at creating visuals and illusions that will easily tick your mind.

It will addict your senses forcing you to spend much more time in the casinos. Because time spent in casinos is directly proportional to profit and gain for the casino owners. The music and overwhelming lights coming out from all the directions are targeted at the players to perceive. You feel amazed and elated by those cues and keep on playing. Such music tracks are chosen that can kick a boost to your guts and you have no other option than to spend more time playing.

4. The Floor Plan of Casino

img source: casino.org

If you have ever got into a maze or labyrinth, you would know how easy it is to get in and how nearly impossible it is to get out of space. A casino is exactly like that. You can easily enter through the bold and warm gates but it is damn difficult to find the way out from there. You will find everything right from relaxation counters to bars and what not but you will not find an exit.

Everywhere you go, bright sound, visuals of new games, people cheering on their win will attract you, and the thoughts will paralyze your capability to think rationally. It happens so many times that people in casinos were on their way to find the exit but on the way, they sat for another game because it seemed interesting. The floor planning and the architectural design of the casinos are planned accordingly. The target is to hold the pawn (players in a casino) for a long time into the game.

Final Thoughts

If you want to bet online right from the comfort zone of your house, you can choose to go for online casinos in Singapore. One such reliable online casino is OnlineCasinosWiki. They have appropriate authentication and are reliable. The transparent payment policies of are one of the best in the market. You can enjoy a good time playing your favorite games.

They also have special offers and bonuses for new players who can bet risk-free initially to learn about the whereabouts of the game. This online casino has a lucrative visual and audio interface to make you feel like you are in a real casino.

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